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We marched on City Hall Monday, 9/14 at 9am, with restaurant and bar workers from across NYC demanding that our voices be heard.  

WE ARE MARCHING AGAIN, Monday, 9/28 at 11am


Our voices helped move the conversation in a positive direction. Governor Cuomo decided to open indoor dining, at 25% occupancy, on Sept. 30th, unfortunately, this is not enough. Too little too late.  Outdoor dining expires on Oct. 31st and restaurants will close permanently under the posed restrictions with no government aid. We are asking for the following actions:

Congress, pass the Restaurants Act

Extend outdoor dining in NYC

Provide 50% indoor dining (like the rest of NYS has had since June)

25% indoor dining may have been helpful during the summer months, but now, with the weather turning cold, it's simply not enough for us to stay afloat.  Winter is coming and we do not have a comprehensive plan for independent restaurants.  It's been estimated that 2/3 of NYC restaurants will permanently close - that's your neighborhood bar, favorite date spot, where you spend time with your family and friends, all gone.

We are diverse, hard working, innovative, community-oriented citizens, relying on these jobs for our livelihoods. Most of us are 1st or 2nd generation immigrants. This is why we are marching - to feed our families, to honor the dreams of mom and pop businesses and to keep NYC alive.  

Governor Cuomo, you didn't bend the curve, you flattened it. Now, we need your help to push Congress to pass the bipartisan RESTAURANT Act of 2020.  With the science you have been relying on, allow 50% indoor dining by Oct 15;  75% by November 1 and 100% by Thanksgiving.

Meet Us Here - 330 E 38th

Bring your banners, wear your uniforms, whites, anything with your restaurant/bar logo to show where you work and what we're trying to save; our jobs, our restaurants, our families.

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