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Sapien Foods

There’s something so comforting about memories of food from our childhood, and Joe O’Sullivan’s grandfather Barney prided himself in the traditional, wholesome, and nourishing foods cooked at home in his kitchen in Ireland. From memories of those delicious meals, the idea for Sapien Foods was born in Joe’s apartment in New York. Passionate about passing on the healing nutrients of handcrafted bone broth, he partnered with childhood friend and White Oak Tavern owner Mark Fox to share this rich, satisfying beverage with the community.

As a nutrient-dense beverage made for centuries, Sapien Foods is based on traditional broth recipes and is handcrafted using bones sourced from locally sourced grass-fed and pasture-raised animals with no use of hormones or antibiotics. Slowly simmered over 48-hours, to extract valuable nutrients for your body to absorb and use. Irish heritage inspires Sapien Foods, and beyond its multitude of health benefits, it’s oh-so-satisfying and full of mouthwatering flavor.